Mobilezone CRM Solution

Our crm is a web-based software built over LAMP/WAMP architecture and other open source projects mainly for small and medium leverages the benefits of software, such as Apache,MySQL, PHP, ADOdb, and others and adds more value to the end users by providing many enterprise features,such as among others

    • Reports & Dashboards


    • Security Management


    • RSS


    • Product Customization

The Key Modules of the CRM software are

Sales force Automation
• Manage leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities
• Export data to Microsoft® Excel®,
to analyze the sales pipeline and quickly
identify the bottlenecks
• Associate customer records with other records in the system for a
360 degrees view of the customer record
• Attach documents to the customer details for a
quick reference

Help Desk
• Manage trouble tickets end-to-end
• Notify status of the trouble tickets to the customer
• Track complete history of the trouble tickets
• Create frequently asked questions
• Statistics of the trouble tickets for a better ticket management
Inventory Management
· Manage organization-wide product life cycle
· Create different price books for products based
on customer segments
· Procure products from the selected list of
· Complete the sales management cycle with an
integrated Quotations, Order processing, and
Invoicing system
E-mail Integration
· Fetch inbound E-mails and associate to the
existing contacts
· Manage mailing lists and execute HTML based
mass E-mail campaigns
· Send mass E-mails to the contacts and other
Security Management
· Manage user profiles and field-level access to
the users
· Create team roles as per your organization
· Control the access to modules according to the
user’s roles
· Archive the login history of each user for better

other features include


Product Customization

· Add custom fields in all the modules, such as
text, number, currency, pick lists, and others as
per your business requirements
· Customize tabs using drag & drop so that
modules that are not relevant to sales process
can be hidden
· Change the look and feel of the user interface

Outlook Plug-in

· Add outbound and forward inbound E-mail
messages to CRM
· Synchronize contacts between Microsoft®
Outlook® and vtiger CRM
· Synchronize tasks and events between
Microsoft® Outlook® and CRM
· Resolve conflicts while synchronizing contacts,
tasks, and events between Microsoft® Outlook®
and CRM
· Filter e-mails in Microsoft® Outlook® and add
only necessary e-mails to CRM

Office Plug-in

· Create mail merge template based on customer
database fields in CRM
· Create mail merge documents from CRM
based on leads, accounts, and contacts-related
Thunderbird Extension
· Add outbound and forward inbound E-mail
messages to CRM
· Import contacts from CRM to
Thunderbird / Mozilla Email client
· Export addresses from Thunderbird/Mozilla Email
client to CRM


We bring you affordable enterprise-class software by integrating best-of-breed technologies and offering it with our world-class support.


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